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Peezing: Not Normal. Very Common.

Sorry if I made you laugh reading the headline and you also peed! Do you pee when you laugh, sneeze, or exercise? Are you leaking weeks after having a baby?

Why you pee when you laugh, sneeze, exercise?!

You've likely heard about the pelvic floor... I want to share with you the role of your pelvic floor & what happens to your pelvic floor during pregnancy.

Your pelvic floor muscles act as a hammock at the base of your pelvis. Your pelvic floor supports your pelvic organs, hold in pee, contribute to sexual function, and support a growing baby in your uterus.

Imagine a hammock supporting a plum (the size of a baby at 12 weeks)...the hammock changes very little. Now imagine the hammock supporting a watermelon (the size of a baby at 40 weeks)... the hammock will sink lower, stretch, and be a lot less supportive. This is basically what happens to your pelvic floor during pregnancy. Your muscles and ligaments lengthen in order to accommodate a growing baby. These changes are necessary, but they do affect how well your pelvic floor muscles can support your organs, help hold in pee, and activate when you are laughing, sneezing, or exercising.

Every pregnant woman, whether she gives birth vaginally or has a Cesarean birth, experiences these pelvic floor changes. It's so important to work with a pelvic floor physical therapist during pregnancy and postpartum to help with optimal pelvic floor health, pressure management, and proper pushing techniques. You don't have to "just deal" with discomfort during pregnancy. I'm here to help you and your pelvic floor. I recommend women come in around 6 weeks postpartum if possible and also offer sessions to help prepare for birth, address symptoms during pregnancy, early postpartum recovery, and returning to intercourse, exercise, & just life

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